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Ricossa Family Roots in Piedmont date back to the late 1800’s. Located in the Village of Castel Boglione in the heart of Nizza DOCG production area. After more than a century, today the winery is known throughout the world for the production of classic Piedmontese wines as an expression of its territory of origin: a unique land dedicated to the production of wine excellences that blend well with the great cultural and gastronomic tradition of the region. Ricossa sources grapes for its products and value strong collaboration with local farmers. All grapes are grown and harvested throughout Piedmont.


The region Piemonte, Italy borders with Switzerland and France and is highly influenced by the Alps (the name Piedmont means “foot of the mountain”). This results in many diverse microclimates. Here are the lands of Ricossa.

Attracting the most glory, prestige and fame to the Piedmont region, Nebbiolo in all of its expressions—BaroloBarbarescoRoero, Ghemme and Gattinara—creates a complex wine, truly unique for its delicate qualities combined with strength and a great potential to improve over time.

But Nebbiolo isn’t all there is to red wine from Piedmont! Barbera is the most planted variety and historically most popular as a dependable, food-friendly, everyday wine.