Famille Piffaut Is a family story that dates back 200 years to 1820, when Piffaut ancestor, Charles Ninot, founded a winery in Burgundy. Since then, generation of the family have been involved in the wine business. Fifth generation Eric Piffaut took the reigns and became one of the regions largest vineyard holders. Today, the group is managed by Aurelien Piffaut and is comprised of four wine brands (Veuve Ambal, Rivarose, André Delorme & Prosper Maufoux) and six Domaines (Marie Ambal, Domaine La Vigne au Roy, Domaine André Delorme, Chateau Saint-Aubin, Domaine Gracieux Chevalier), with the Domaines totaling 280 hectares of prime Burgundian estate vineyards.

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