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Orvieto Classico DOC

The history of Piccini traces its origins back to 1882 when Angiolo Piccini established a small winery nestled in the heart of Tuscany, with just 7 hectares of vineyard. From that beginning, the company has flourished and now boasts a global presence in over 90 countries. As the “Italian wine family,” we operate in the best Italian wine regions, including the Orvieto lands. In this enchanting setting, we meticulously craft Orvieto Classico wines, exclusively from organic grapes, and with unwavering commitment to vegan-friendly processing methods.

Trebbiano Toscano, Grechetto, Chardonnay, Procanico

Orvieto Classico DOC

The entire region is predominantly characterized by rolling hills, with the clay-rich soil being carved into deep ravines known as “calanchi” that stretch along the valley between Fabro and Allerona Scalo..

The vinification process occurs within the production area and undergoes continuous monitoring by our team, adhering to vegan-friendly methods. The must undergoes fermentation within stainless steel vats, with precise
temperature control.

This wine reveals a straw-yellow color, with greenish hues. Its aroma is notably fruity, featuring delicate traces of citrus, green apple, and fragrant acacia flowers. The flavor profile is both light and vibrant, achieving a delightful equilibrium between sweetness and freshness. Nuances of lemon, grapefruit, and pear stand out, interwoven with a subtle hint of honey, which concludes with a lingering mineral undertone on the palate.

It is a perfect match for pumpkin soup, gratin vegetables and savory pies.


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