At the beginning of the 18th century Napoleon travelled along the Rhine. In order to finance his expeditions, he sold his properties of old nobility courts, also in Nierstein. Our ancestor, Kaspar Schneider, used this opportunity. He bought the vineyards, setting therewith the basic stock for our present business. Since this time the families life and work is characterized by dealing with vines, its soils, and the nature. Today, Ursula and Steffen are the generation#9 to live and work this winery life. We are thankful to grow wine on red slate in the famous, unique “Roten Hang” in Nierstein. Here the predominant sandstone with a slate look and a high iron proportion grows Riesling so exceptional and expressive that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Our focus and heart is Riesling but we also grow Pinot, Sauvignon Blanc, Silvaner and other grape varieties that express their very own character in our soils.


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