Cabeca de Toiro TEJO

Cabeca de Toiro (or ‘Head of the Bull’ in Portuguese) is produced on the historic São João Batista Estate estate in in the parish of Brogueira, municipality of Torres Novas, within the Tejo Wine Region.  An excellent micro climate (close to the Tagus River) and the quality of the soil contribute to the production of top-quality wines.  The 96 hectares of vineyards (76 red grapes and 21 white grapes) are equipped with drip irrigation and are planted in vertical trellises.  Vineyards are maintained according to an integrated production system, giving priority to ecological and certificated methods (soil conservation and biodiversity maintenance) that minimize the harmful side effects and the use of agro chemicals, in order to protect the environment and the human health. Quinta São João Batista is in the vicinity of the Natural Reserve of Paul of Boquilobo and is a sanctuary for the animals from this Reserve that choose it for nesting and habitation.

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