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Vinum Cellars Farmhouse Pinot Noir Keg

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APPELLATION: Monterey, California
COLOR: Medium garnet.
AROMA: Notes of ripe black cherry with some leather and earth notes in the backdrop.
FLAVOR: The ripe cherry is sappy and rich on the palate and delicious.

As the wine finishes with a strawberry, raspberry coulées and a suggestion of spicy clove and cinnamon.

ALCOHOL 14.27%

A PERFECT POUR, EVERY TIME Wine on tap is better for profits and better for the planet. Premium wine in kegs never sees oxygen so it’s guaranteed fresh. The 130th glass is as fresh as the first no matter how long it takes to empty the barrel. All items filled in 19.5L stainless steel reusable kegs from Free Flow, Napa, CA. Requires a Sankey D fitting.