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Tarima Natural Monastrell

The Monastrell for this wine is sourced from multiple proprietary certified organic vineyards planted between 1982 and 1987 in the unique terroir of the subregion of Alicante located between the Sierra de Salinas, Sierra de Umbria, and the Sierra de la Sima. Here, the soil is marked by limestone and the high altitudes provide a cooling effect to the luminous growing season, resulting in balanced grapes for the production of generous red wines that still maintain natural freshness.

GRAPE VARIETAL: 100% Organic Monastrell
VITICULTURE: Organically certified, dry framed goblet trained vines. Cultivated and harvested completely by hand, with minimal human intervention.
ALTITUDE: 2,100-2,450 ft.
SOILS: The soil is dry and shallow, and is primarily composed of limestone, which is the mother rock. The soil is intermixed with large chunks of pure chalk. The largest marble quarry in Europe is located near our vineyards, testament to the chalky quality of the soils. Marble is the product of chalk, or calcium carbonate, that has been compressed over a very long period of time.
CLIMATE: Continental, with some Mediterranean influence. A very unique microclimate that is the result of the convergence of the three previously mentioned mountain ranges, combined with the high altitudes, that are unique to this sub-region of Alicante.
HARVEST: Beginning of October

WINEMAKING: The grapes are hand-sorted at the winery and fermented in stainless steel open top fermenters by indigenous yeast with minimal human intervention. No additives or adjustments are made.
Bottled unfined, unfiltered and without sulfites.

TASTING NOTES: This wine is a pure expression of southern Spain’s star grape variety, Monstrell. It
displays a powerful color, rich with tannins which helps preserve the wine. It is loaded with abundant
aromas and flavors of ripe fruit such as raspberry. On the palate, it is robust and persistent.

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