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Tarima Mediterraneo

GRAPE VARIETAL: Moscatel & Merseguera
VITICULTURE: Traditional dry farmed viticulture. Goblet trained vines. Cultivated completely by hand,
with minimal human intervention. Harvested by hand.
ALTITUDE: 2100-2450ft.
SOILS: The soil is dry and shallow, and is primarily composed of limestone, which is the mother rock.
The soil is intermixed with large chunks of pure chalk. The largest marble quarry in Europe is located
near our vineyards, testament to the chalky quality of the soils. Marble is the product of chalk, or calcium carbonate, that has been compressed over a very long period of time.
CLIMATE: Continental, with some Mediterranean influence. A very unique microclimate that is the
result of the convergence of the three previously mentioned mountain ranges, combined with the high
altitudes, that are unique to this sub-region of Alicante.
HARVEST: Beginning of September
WINEMAKING: Indigenous varieties are picked at the beginning of September. At this time the grapes
are mature and the musts very clean. Fermenting at a low temperature (16 degrees), to maintain the
fruity tone of the grape, thus obtaining a very aromatic, pleasing wine.
WINEMAKER: Rafael Cañizares

UPC#: 843655572788
750ml / 12pk