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Senda Verde Albariño

Senda Verde is a collection of artisanal wines from unique regions in northern Spain that follow the 43°N parallel, stretching from coastal Galicia eastward along the northern coastline. In contrast to the rest of Spain, this area is lush and green from oceanic and geologic influences. The region is referred to as “España Verde” (Green Spain). The grapes are sourced from the vineyards situated in the Salnés Valley and the ORosal area, within the D.O. Rías Baixas appellation. Vines are arranged in the “emparrado” and “espaldera” (trellis) systems. The soils are largely granite, with some chalk and clay – even the posts for supporting the grapevines are made from granite instead of wood.


The grapes are hand harvested to avoid any damage to the skins. Once at the winery, the fruits are selected by quality, destemmed and passed into to a tank where they are maintained in cold maceration for 4-6 hours. The must is then racked during a 10-hour period, followed by the removal of the solid lees. The final fermentation takes place at a low temperature of 17ºC during 15-20 days. Once the alcoholic fermentation is finished, the wine is racked again maintaining the fine lees for an additional 3-4 months. Eventually, the wine is clarified, filtered and bottled.

VARIETAL: 100% Albariño
ALCOHOL: 12.5%


COLOR: Golden straw with green reflections
AROMA: Bright and aromatically complex, notes of ripe apricot, apple and wild flowers.
FLAVOR: Fresh and crisp with a persistent lush texture on the palate. The finish is fruity and with mineral nuances.

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