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Sea Pearl Sauvignon Blanc Keg

Around the cool, shallow waters of New Zealand live the most unique and beau tiful species of abalone (Paua). These native creatures have been revered by ancient cultures and in modern times alike for their brilliant iridescent shells, considered to have the widest color spectrum of any abalone in the world. They can produce a stunning pearl, which is a true rarity and treasure of New Zealand.

Our Sauvignon Blanc was crafted from vineyards across Marlborough’s sub-regions of Awatere Valley. The fruit was carefully monitored throughout maturity and was harvested upon reaching optimum flavor development and ripeness. Transported to the winery immediately and pressed off with minimal skin contact, the resulting juice was cool fermented in stainless steel to retain freshness and aromatics. The resulting Sea Pearl Sauvignon Blanc is full of fresh aromas and classic Marlborough flavors of citrus, gooseberries and flinty mineral notes typical of Awatere Valley.

Tasting Notes:
COLOR: Pale straw with green hues
AROMA: Pungent aromas of sweet grass, nettles, blackcurrants and gooseberries, backed up by fresh zesty lime characters.
FLAVOR: The palate is light-bodied, which builds up and ends on a long, fine and appetizing mineral finish with undertones of ripe greens, gooseberry and currants.

19.5 Liters = 5.16 gallons = (26) 750ml bottles = (130) 5oz glasses
Keg Dimensions: 24’’ tall x 9.25’’ wide
Weight: 58 lbs full
Recommended Gas: 100% Argon or blend of 75% N and 25% CO2