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Santa Julia Reserva Malbec Keg


Wine on tap is better for profits and better for the planet. Premium wine in kegs never sees oxygen so it’s guaranteed fresh. The 130th glass is as fresh as the first no matter how long it takes to empty the barrel. All items filled in 19.5L stainless steel reusable kegs from Free Flow — Napa, CA. WINESELLERS, LTD — 2019 For outstanding sustainability achievements of saving over 100,000 bottles from the landfill since kegging wine. 100% recyclable 20L keg. One-way delivery and no exchanges or deposits necessary! Produced from a PET plastic keg with plastic spear and coupler, shipped in a cardboard box with handle slots allowing for easy transport. Octagon shaped box and keg both measure 24” tall x 9.5” x 9.5” wide, fitting into 4 keg dual zone wine fridge. 46 lbs filled, 42% less than average bottled products.100% standardized to fit all wine on tap accessories. Sankey D coupler. Filled on site at the winery, not shipped in bulk and filled locally.


In the last twenty years Santa Julia has been a protagonist in the transformation of Argentina’s wine industry. This new phase of its evolution is the result of a constant search for improvement that characterizes our winemaking team. For several years, our team has been working on realizing the potential of the Uco Valley, expressed now in the range of Santa Julia Reserva wines.


Classic fermentation with selected yeast. Maceration takes place for 20 days and 10 months aging in French oak barrels.

APPELLATION: 100% Sourced – Uco Valley, Mendoza
ALCOHOL: 14.0%


COLOR: Dark violet with blue hues
AROMA: Nose with typical Malbec aromas reminiscent of ripe red and black fruits such as cherries, plums and blackberries. Notes of vanilla and chocolate.
FLAVOR: Medium-bodied with very soft tannins, balanced acidity, and a fruity and spicy finish.