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Reverchon Ockfener Bockstein Kabinett Riesling

Ockfen Bockstein is a VDP.GroßeLage (Great Growth), is a top-class designated vineyard and certified by the Bernkastel Ring for Große Gewächse (Great Growth).. The monumental Bockstein“ (Ram’s Stone) vineyard in the town of Ockfen and our house vineyard “Herrenberg” (Gentleman’s Hill) located just behind our estate in Filzen provide the best conditions for cultivating top-quality wines deeply reflective of their terroir.


After selective hand picking, the grapes are gently processed. During fermentation at low temperatures the fruit aromas of the grapes and the individual characteristics of our wines are perfectly preserved. m Austrian barrel-maker Stockinger.

VARIETAL: 100% Riesling
REGION: Saar River, Germany
ALCOHOL: 11.4%
RS 21.7
TA 8.3


The Bockstein is a unique vineyard with exceptional terroir, expressed by the fragrance of this Kabinett feinherb with fascinating aromas of apple, cinnamon and elderflower blossom. Fruit, spice and floral notions continue on the palate and are complemented by an intricate salty minerality reflecting the distinctive terroir of the Bockstein. A generous texture carries the flavour to a rewarding finish.

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12pk / 750mL