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Ressò Garnacha Blanca

The Vineyards located in the Terra Alta region in the far southwest of the D.O. Catalunya, west of the province of Tarragona, near the town of Gandesa. The
region is perched high above the coast where the climate is an extreme Mediterranean with very low rainfall, approximately 14” per year, but with the peculiarity of a near constant presence of either the “Cers wind” (from the interior land to the sea) or the “Garbí wind” (offshore breeze). The area has a very high diurnal temperature variation.


Because of vintage characteristics of heavily ripe grapes and resulting soft tannins, the most significant change over previous year’s vinification was the maceration process, which was longer but gentler in order to achieve a wine sufficient structure without harsh tannins. Fermented in stainless steel tanks at 62°F for 11 days. The vinification technique is based on a polyphenolic high maturation process and a soft press. Through continuous “Delestage” we obtain the maximum aroma and full body from the skin of the grapes. We work with low sulfur levels and light filtering processes in order to preserve maximum aromatics and flavors in the finished wine.

GRAPES: 100% White Garnacha
APPELLATION: D.O. Cataluyna, Spain


COLOR: Pale straw
AROMA: We try to capture the full fruitiness of white Garnacha: notes of white fruits and stone fruits combine with a background of citrus and dried mountain herbs.
FLAVOR: Medium-bodied, noticeably fruity on the palate with good acidity and the sweetness characteristic of this grape.

UPC: 0 89832 92005 2
12 pk / 750 ml