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Paso a Paso Organic White

Paso a Paso or ‘step by step’ in English, is the perfect term to describe the meticulous attention that goes into crafting this magnificent wine from La Mancha. From hand-selecting only the best vines growing in its famed sandy soil, to harvesting and pressing those grapes with utmost care – no step of production has been overlooked. This rigorous process results in an exquisite blend full of succulent fruit flavor and unparalleled elegance.

GRAPE VARIETAL: Verdejo and Macabeo
VITICULTURE: Traditional dry farmed viticulture. Goblet trained vines. Cultivated completely by hand,
with minimal human intervention. Harvested by hand.
ALTITUDE: 2,100-2,250 ft.
SOILS: Sandy iron rich soils intermixed with small stones and chalk. Very poor in organic matter. 5ft.
beneath the surface is a layer of red clay.
CLIMATE: Continental. Large temperature swings between day and night. Precipitation is very rare. A
very arid climate with rain exclusively falling at the end of fall and during the winter. More than 3,000
hours of sun per year.
HARVEST: Middle of September
WINEMAKING: Late harvest from the first half of September. Fermentation controlled at 15° of temperature, with clean musts in stainless steel vats. At every step of the production an effort is made to
maintain the freshness and acidity which Verdejo is known for.
WINEMAKER: Rafael Cañizares

UPC#: 853891002130
750ml / 12pk