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Mont Gravet Rosé Keg

Mont Gravet is a fresh and fruit forward dry Rosé wine made from Cinsault grapes sourced from beautiful hillside vineyards above the Mediterranean in the south of France. This wine has lovely aromas of raspberries and pears and is a versatile match to anything on the menu or on its own.

The Format

•20L KeyKeg Slimline: One-way recyclable keg utilizing the innovative bag in the ball and double walled technology. Languedoc Region
• Space saving slim dimensions measuring 9.5” diameter x 22.5” height.
• Compatible with all dispensing systems. Can be dispensed with any gas mix or even compressed air.
• The inner bag contains the beverage so dispensing gases never touch the product, maximizing quality as intended by the producer.
• Light weight – 2.3 lbs unfilled and roughly 46 lbs filled.
• Robust and sturdy delivery and handling components.