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Mayador Sidra Natural: Villaviciosa, Spain

One of the oldest producers in the Asturian region, the family behind Bodegas Mayador has been making sidras since 1939. Manuel Busto Amandi founded Mayador for his passion of Natural Cider. It has since had a strong presence with
producing a wide range of craft cider products.

orchards & production
Today, the orchards are situated fairly close to the coast near the small town of Villaviciosa in the Asturias region of Spain. In Villaviciosa, Sidra Natural is produced in the traditional manner of the centuries-old Spanish sidra culture. Its excellent microclimate favors the development and growth of apple groves, which provide the most coveted fruit for the preparation of sidra: acid, sweet and sour Asturian apples. It is produced in the traditional “en rama” style which is fermented in chestnut barrels and unfiltered, resulting as a still (natural) sidra with harmonious dry and sour flavors. The unusually lengthy maturation process of 8 months produces an exceptionally well balanced traditional sidra.

tasting notes
This traditional sidra delivers the rustic, cloudy appearance of golden-yellow tinged and no head at all. The aroma is fresh and fragile, it has hints of blossoms, lime, zest of lemon, grapefruit, ferns and grass. The taste is elegant sour with a thin body. The citrus and lime accents are very present but they are well integrated in this very delicate and refreshing drink.