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Le Charmel Provence Rosé Keg

• Rosé Côtes de Provence
• 20L keg produced by Petainer, equivalent to 26 bottles of 750ml wine with much less waste (bottles, labels, screw caps/corks
and capsules).
• 100% recyclable.
• One-way delivery and no exchanges or deposits necessary!
• Produced from a PET plastic keg with plastic spear and coupler, shipped in a cardboard box with handle slots allowing for easy transport.
• Octagon shaped box and keg both measure 24” tall x 9.5” x 9.5” wide, fitting into 4 keg
dual zone wine fridge.
• Weight is 46 lbs filled, 42% less than average bottled products.
• The 20L keg is 100% standardized to fit all wine on tap accessories.