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Lapilli Greco di Tudo DOCG

Lapilli wines come from the Avellino Province of Campagnia of Southern Italy. The volcanic layers of soil help to create stunning mineral-driven and memorable wines. The indigenous varietals here have had thousands of years of adaption, finding balance in volcanic soils, high altitudes and cooling Mediterranean breezes.

Greco di Tufo is a DOCG of the Campania wine region and is responsible for one of Italy’s most prestigious white wines, made from the grape variety that shares its name. The name Tufo refers not only to one of the villages from which the wine comes, but also the type of soil found in the region, known as tuff in English – but distinct from limestone tufa – it is made of ash ejected during an eruption which then compacts. The extreme altitude of the region helps moderate warm summer temperatures and aids in the retention of natural acidity in the grapes.

Varietal: Greco di Tufo
Appellation: Greco di Tufo DOCG, Italy
Altitude: 2,300 feet above sea level
Alcohol: 13.5%


COLOR: Intense straw yellow color
AROMAS: Notes of lemon, apricot, pear, apple, peach, almond with hints of sage and mineral
PALATE: Excellent acidity with ripe fruits and minerals lingering on the long finish

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750ml / 12pk