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Salento on the Peninsula, within Apulia, has an ancient tradition of winemaking. During the Greek colonization, wine-growing was considerably enhanced. The most prosperous period of Salento vine-growing coincided with the period in which Venice fought against the Turks to conquer Cyprus, Crete and Morea (1570-1718). At the end of the 18th century, Salento was the European vinegrowing region “par excellence”. Apulia is mostly a plain but the mountainous Gargano Peninsula breaks through its low coast to the north. There are mountains in the north central part of the region. Industry has expanded rapidly in the 20th century but farming still represents the main occupation in the region. Regional products include olives, grapes, cereals, almonds, figs.


Harvesting took place in the first half of September. Traditional red wine vinification at a controlled temperature between 77-80 °F.


Originating from Croatia, Primitivo was then grown in Italy for thousands of years. DNA testing has now confirmed that Primitivo is the exact same grape as Zinfandel, made popular by Californian wineries. Primitivo translates roughly as ‘early one’, the Primitivo name is thought to be a reference to the variety’s early ripening nature, although it is also possible that it was named in reference to the uneven way Primitivo berries ripen; it is not unusual to see plump, fully ripened berries clustered alongside hard, green ‘grapeshot’.

GRAPE VARIETAL 100% Primitivo
ALCOHOL: 13.0 %
ACIDITY: 5.5 g/l


A dark, ruby-red color with violet highlights. Intense and fragrant bouquet with a rich jammy dark fruits and soft tannins.

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12PK / 750ML