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Heinz Eifel Eiswein

Heinz Eifel Eiswein is a culinary specialty. The grapes are being handpicked in the early morning before sun rise at a temperature of minus 8°C. Because the grapes are frozen at the moment of pressing the grape juices can be separated from the non-frozen ingredients, such as sugars, acids and flavors. The result is a very small amount of highly concentrated grape must. This wine can be stored for many years and is an ideal dessert wine.

VARIETAL: 70% Silvaner / 30% Riesling
RS: 150 – 180 G/L
TA: 9.0 – 13.0 G/L


Color: Golden
Aroma: Vibrant with densely packed citrus, pear and floral notes.
Flavor: Intensely sweet, honey notes and a long acidic finish.

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12 pk/750ml