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Hacienda Araucano L’Atelier Carmenere

L’Atelier (The workshop) is the physical space where artisans and artists give free rein to their creativity and experimentation, working with great dedication on their works. Following this concept, the “L ‘Atelier” range is born, with a series of challenging, ecological and small-scale wines, which try to break preconceptions and explore new oenological horizons.

APPELLATION: Colchagua Valley, Chile
VARIETAL: 100% Carmenere
HARVEST: After two hot seasons marked by low rainfall and worrying water deficits, this year 20202021 finally offered us a cool and wet season. The summer began with very good temperatures, which allowed the grapes to grow and develop in optimal conditions. However, the weather offered us new challenges, giving us the gift of rain at the end of January 2021. It was the heaviest recorded in the last 70 years (80 mm), making this summer of 2021 the coolest of the decade. Harvest dates were 15 to 20 days later than last year and very close to normal for cooler vintages.

VINEYARD: 100% Lolol: clay soil; volcanic-sedimentary silt
CLIMATE: Oceanic (Pacific), which regularly brings morning mists and cool evenings.

VINIFICATION: Most of the grape undergo a slight “crushing” in a refrigerated cold room. Maceration of the skins for 35 days. Fermentation in vats with regular pumping over. 15% of the remaining whole grapes are used to punch down the cap. Malolactic fermentation in barrels. Regular stirring for three months.

ALCOHOL: 13.0%
AGING: Aged for 10 months in barrel

COLOR: Deep and bright ruby color
AROMA: A hint of clove and other spices mingle with the overall aromatic complexity.
FLAVOR: The wine is supported by a supple, soft structure and fresh flavors, confirming that the Lolol Valley offers exceptional conditions for this grape variety.
FOOD PAIRING: Tomato-based dishes, roasted meats, curry and BBQ foods.

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