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Fitz-Ritter Riesling Extra Trocken Sekt

At FITZ-RITTER ESTATE, there is no use of herbicides or insecticides, only organic fertilizers are used. Seeds, stems and skins of our own grapes as well as horse and chicken manure are worked into the soil. There is no use of heavy machinery that compresses the soil in the vineyards. Instead, the vineyards are worked primarily by hand, using extensive canopy management (hand cutting of leaves to expose the grapes to the sun). Fitz-Ritter is a member of the “Controlled Environmentally Friendly Viticulture.” Our philosophy is to work our vineyards as gently as possible in order to give them sustainable growth.

ALCOHOL: 11.7%

A delicious dry sparkling wine with very fine sparkle and long-lasting effervescence. Combined fragrances of fresh fruit as well as, aromas ranging from apple to pineapple and tangerine. Clean, fresh, and well-balanced to enjoy.

Food Pairing: A perfect match for strong Indian and Asian spiced dishes. Also fantastic with a spiced duck leg, dishes with acidic sauces, roasted vegetables and soft cheeses.

UPC: 0 36957 00217 6
12pk / 750mL