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Faisao Rosé Vinho Verde D.O.C.

Influenced by the orographic characteristics and the fluvial network: High yearly rain levels and irregular distribution along the year -concentrated in Winter and Spring. The higher temperatures occur at the same time as the lowest precipitation-hot and dry end of Spring and Summer-and the lower temperatures with the highest precipitation cold and rainy Winters. Mild climate. It can be considered a terroir for freshness-the Atlantic Terroir. Regarding the terrain, the region has a rather irregular topography, characterized by a compact valley’s system combined with the fluvial network, developing from the seaside to the inland.


Total destemming, soft pneumatic pressing and alcoholic fermentation at a temperature of 59°F

Varietals: 50% Espadeiro, 30% Borraçal, 20% Padeiro
TECH NOTES: ABV: 10.5 / TA (g/l): 7.0 / pH: 3.20


Color: Bright pink with blush hues
Aroma: Notes of strawberry and raspberry fruits.
Flavor: Wonderfully fresh and fruit-forward with dried berry and crushed plum flavors, and a refreshing clean finish.

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