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Dunkertons Dry Cider Keg

The Format

•High long distance transport costs on two way stainless steel kegs
•High loss of stainless steel kegs due to theft or damage
•High Capex investments in stainless steel keg renewals
•High Capex investments in stainless steel keg to cover the volume growth
•High Capex investments during seasonal peak volumes
•The maximum working pressure is 3.5 bar (50 psi) which is equal to stainless steel kegs •Dolium® kegs remain functional up to 5.0 bar. The Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) opens at 5.2 bar (+/- 0.2)
•Dolium® kegs are available in 30 liter (7.93 US gallons) and 20 liter (5.28 US gallons) volumes
•Dolium® kegs can run on manual, semiautomatic, full-automatic, in-line and rotative filling lines
•Each filling line can differ from another. We can provide you with more technical details on request
•Dolium® can also provide samples for qualifying brewers for testing purposes