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BB Blanc de Noirs Grand Cru Champagne

Its robe, draped in red, imposes its audacity and ardor on the muted scene of instinct, leaving a mark that can never be forgotten. Blanc de Noirs BB draws from the sun and spreads its fruit where passion drives it. It is a body with a throbbing heart: an explosion of flavor!

ASSEMBLAGE: This Grand Cru Pinot Noir cuvée blends with power and warmth of Bouzy and Ambonnay with the freshness and tension of Verzy and Mailly results in a balanced, complex, warm and airy wine.
REGION: Champagne, France


Color: Russet/reddish brown hues, Profound
Aroma: Intense, Exotic fruit, Damson plum, Powerful and complex
Palate: Dynamic, Athletic, Briny, Grapefruit

UPC# 6 94947 02062 9
6pk | 750ml