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Santa Julia Torrontés del Mercado

Santa Julia Torrontés del Mercado reflects our daily respect for and commitment to nature. This wine is meant to be enjoyed at your dining table with the freshest food. The fruit, herbs, and flowers on the front label communicate all of the aromas and flavors expressed in this wine. The wine is both fresh and modern, produced with little intervention, just as your food is from the farm to the table.

100% Torrontés
Santa Rosa, Mendoza, Argentina
Fermentation with selected yeast. Matured in stainless steel tanks. Handpicked.

COLOR: A silver yellow with brilliant pale green reflections.
AROMA: It has notes of rose, orange peel, white peaches, fruits salad, chamomile and other aromatic herbs.
FLAVOR: A fresh and light body with flavors of pink grapefruit, ripe stone fruits like peaches and pears. A balanced wine with great finesse in aromas and flavor.

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12pk | 1L