The Salento area is characterized by calcareous and clayed terroirs, rich of iron (which provides the typical redish colour) and with a high drainage capacity during winter time, when rainfalls are usually scarce. The rain is gathered beneath the ground; during the warm and sunny season, the roots reach the deepest layers of the ground, collecting the most precious substances, mainly microelements, increasing and enhancing all the grapes components that are later found in the wines. This area is located between the Adriatic Sea and Ionic Sea, where the blowing sea breeze allows for a thermal excursion which is crucial for the perfect ripening of the grapes. Another feature of these territories is the natural presence of rocks, that significantly increase the amount of minerals giving sapidity and freshness to wines, despite the high alcoholic content. The large presence of rocks and minerals is evidenced by the presence of dry stone walls that enclose the vineyards. These walls are made with the largest stones of the area and have been built by the local population without the help of mortars, relying on the millennial experience and tradition handed down by the old generations

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