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Paso a Paso Organic Tempranillo

Paso a Paso or ‘step by step’ in English, is the perfect term to describe the meticulous attention that goes into crafting this magnificent wine from La Mancha. From hand-selecting only the best vines growing in its famed sandy soil, to harvesting and pressing those grapes with utmost care – no step of production has been overlooked. This rigorous process results in an exquisite blend full of succulent fruit flavor and unparalleled elegance.

GRAPE VARIETAL: 100% Organic Tempranillo
VITICULTURE: Traditional dry farmed viticulture. Organic Goblet trained vines. Cultivated completely
by hand, with minimal human intervention. Harvested by hand.
ALTITUDE: 2,100-2,250 ft. *La Mancha
SOILS: Sandy iron rich soils intermixed with small stones and chalk. Very poor in organic matter. 5ft.
beneath the surface is a layer of red clay.
CLIMATE: Continental. Large temperature swings between day and night. Precipitation is very rare. A very
arid climate with rain exclusively falling at the end of fall and during the winter. More than 3,000 hours of
sun per year.
HARVEST: Middle of September
WINEMAKING: The grapes are sorted meticulously at the winery, and fermented in stainless steel tanks
by indigenous yeast. Malolactic occurs in tank, and the wine is transferred to second and third vintage
French oak barrels for aging.
AGING: 6 months in second and third vintage French oak Bordelaise and Burgundy barrels.
WINEMAKER: Rafael Cañizares

UPC#: 819451003955
750ml / 12pk