It was at the turn of lastcentury when the Masachs family started to cultivate grapes in their estate located in Vilafranca del Penedès, a wine area par excellence, where the growing of grapes had already been introduced in times of the Roman Empire. In 1977 Josep and Joan Masachs launched a new line of cava to the market based on the experience and know-how of their ancestors. Little by little, the excellent quality of the cavas made by these young producers was known both in the domestic and international market, rewarding their efforts and dedication.

The Catalan country of “El Penedès”, which breathes the Mediterranean air and spreads over the northwest towards the Montserrat mountain range that protects it from the north cold winds, is situated about 25 miles south of Barcelona and is the cradle whichholds the 42-hectare estate, in the centre of which the Masachs cellars are located.The characteristic of its Mediterranean location, combined with the soil and subsoil, an especially temperate climate both in winter and summer and an average annual rainfall of 20”, make the Monsarra estate a true paradise for wine growing.

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