Bodegas Bagordi- DOC Rioja

Wine and vineyards have always held a special place in Spaniards’ hearts. The history of Bodegas Bagordi is as recent as its foundations, and as old as the roots of some of its vines, planted over 60 years ago now. The word “Bagordi” refers to a remote location in the valley of Baztán, one of the most beautiful districts in Navarre. It is originally a Basque name from “Bagoa”, which means “the beach grove” in reference to the abundance of these majestic trees in the area. We have created the ideal conditions for these wines to acquire the strength, beauty and harmony inspired in nature surrounding Monte Bagordi. Bodegas Bagordi vineyards cover more than 58 hectares as our own and 26 Ha of which are leased and cultivated by our team. These vineyards are located on 4 estates: La Plana, Cabezuelos, Cabezuelos II, & Umiro.

This wine, noted for its youth and fruit, is easy on the palate. Made from organic grapes, it is exceptionally well balanced.  As the sulphur content has been reduced to a minimum, we can truly claim that this is a healthy and natural product.  With this wine, we also show our commitment to organic agriculture and to its parallel environmental standards.  

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