Manoir de Grandouet — Normandy Mandoir de Grandouet is a 3rd generation family farm located in the heart of the Pays d’Auge, Normandy. On our 28 hectares of cidre apple orchards 80 dairy cows graze under the trees later to have their milk used for AOC Camembert cheese production. The manor and orchards are currently managed by Stephane and Lucile Grandval.

Today, 30 acres of orchards surround the cider house. They are composed of about twenty varieties of cider apples, used exclusively for the development of our ciders, mainly Cider AOP Pays d’Auge, Pommeau AOC of Normandy and Calvados AOC d’Auge. Apples used for the elaboration of this cider come from orchards on chalky-limestone soils. The subtle assembly of several varieties of apples, assures a good balance between sugar, acidity and bitterness. After pressing, the must obtained 100% pure juice and fermented slowly under the action of yeasts naturally present on the apples. It takes approximately 3 months of fermentation to obtain a cider demi-sec (4.5 % vol. of alcohol). The cider is then bottled or yeasts will prolong the fermentation. It takes approximately 3 months after the bottling to obtain a cider with the foam.

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