Karl Molitor inherited the estate from his father, Johann Baptist Molitor, in 1971. Karl was veryfortunate to have married his wife, Rosel, seeing that she came from a vintner's family in Rüdesheim,owning some prime sites in that area, as also part of the famed Höllenberg site in Assmannshausen.They now cultivate more than 7.5 hectares (nearly 19 acres) of vineyards, mainly planted withRiesling. New underground cellars, warehouse and house were built in 1975 behind and outside thevillage of Hattenheim, at the foot of the famous Steinberg vineyard. Their eldest son, Klaus, completedhis viticultural studies and has now inherited the estate. It is very much a family concern with all thework been managed by the family itself, from pruning the vines to bottling; help only being neededduring the vintage time. Since 2007, the cellars have been enlarged quite considerably.Both Klaus and his father Karl are passionately devoted to their wines and have consistently achieveda high standard of quality. Traditional methods are still employed, such as the use of wooden casks forthe fermenting and maturing of the red wines. Stainless steel tanks have been installed for Riesling.Klaus has introduced gentle production methods to preserve as much individual character as possible,i.e. low pressure tank press, natural sedimentation of the must. Their wines have a solid and firmstructure with excellent maturing potential, and a large percentage of the crop is now bottled dry-style.The new Rheingau flute bottle is used for selected bottlings to reflect the higher quality benchmark.Additional plantings of Pinor Noir since 1997 have improved the availability of their highly demandedred wines. The stelvin closure is being used since the 2007 vintage for most of the wines.

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