For over 200 years our families have been working with thebest vineyards in and around Nierstein. The knowledge of the different soils is the treasure we keep over the generations. Founded in 1806, the Georg Albrecht Schneider winery has along history of winemaking. Albrecht Schneider’s maxim hasalways been absolute devotionto vineyards, soil, nature & wine. He realized early on that only healthy soils could allowthe cultivation of fine wines to develop world-class status. After cellaring 40 vintages himself at the estate, Albrecht Schneider made an importantstep in 2012 and handedthe next generation — daughter Ursula and her husband Steffen Müller the reigns (Generation #9), both are passionate and highly experienced winemakers in Nierstein-Schwabsburg. The 37acre estate has been owned by the Schneider family in Nierstein, over 40% of whichare planted to Riesling. Unique, red sandstone soils are predominant in the best sites that yieldrich and spicy wines. Intense vineyard care, reduced quantities to concentrate on quality and sustainable cellar work are the edges of our work to craft extraordinary wines that tell a story. The new wines now display even more richness and clear, ripe fruit with. They are well structured with individual characteristics derived from their various single vineyard sites. The higher pradikat winesare loaded with exotic fruit flavors. The stelvin closure has been introduced since the 2007 vintage, especially for QbA and Kabinett level qualities.

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