Daufresne is located in the lower part of Normandy near the sloping hillside orchards of the cidery. Its loamy soils and schist rich landscape provide enough nutrients for its orchards to flourish. The extraordinary south facing plot, allowed Philippe Daufresne to plant its high stem orchard in the late 60s. Today, the manor and orchards are currently managed by Ghislaine Davy. Madame Davy is resolutely committed to continue an approach to quality and elegance.

The cidery begins harvesting in early October – November. The apples are collected from orchards within the estate but also surrounding orchards, which allows multiple varieties to be used (Bisquet, Noëldes Champs, Domaine and Rambault). In order to give each product a balanced aromatic bouquet, varieties are carefully selected to find the right balance between the freshness of tart apples, delicate sweet apples, and the bitter apples. The first apples, fallen before maturity are left for the cows to graze before the remaining apples are removed from the orchard.

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