The “Faisão” (pheasant) is native to Asia, but was brought to Portugal by merchants in the middle ages. It is an exquisite bird with brightly colored feathers and unique beauty that gives inspiration to our wines.

The Dão wine region is surrounded by mountains on three sides, which protects the vineyards from the continental climate and coastal rains. The area’s rivers, the Dão, Alva and Mondego, flow through valleys, changing the microclimates and soils as they move towards the Atlantic Ocean. Faisão comes from Quinta da Beirã, Beirã Estate where the vineyards range 2,300ft to 6,500ft above sea level. The vineyards are planted in very small patches, as they are scattered at various altitudes amidst the pine forests. 

The Vinho Verde Region is the largest Portuguese wine region located in the northwest of Portugal in an area traditionally known as “Entre Douro e Minho.” It is bordered to the north by the Minho, which separates Portugal from Spain’s Galicia, to the west by the Atlantic Ocean and to the south by the mountainous area separating it from the Douro region. 

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