Domaine de la Minotiere is a small 15-hectare single domaine of cidre orchards cultivated under 100% organic certification. The specialty is traditional farmhouse cidre produced both in a dry (Brut) and sweet (Doux) style. The Domaine de la Minotiere owns a long tradition and elaboration of farmhouse cider coming from the fruit of its orchards, in a place called the "Golden Triangle" - known to be the best area to produce cider.

The orchards contains a variety of apple trees (Binet rouge, Bisquet, Noeldes champs, Clos renaux, Petit jaune, Peau de chien) producing multiple kinds of fruit flavors such as sweet, bitter or acidulous. The cidery follows the Organic chart for all operations. Manually sorting out apples and pressing at a very slow process called “presseà paquet” which is the traditional way in Normandy. The must is cooled in atank which is temperature controlled & regulated to permit their clarification. The natural fermentation goes through a 3 month process where the yeasts are present on the fruit. 

The ciders are regularly analyzed by an independent laboratory; and certified “Ecocert” for the label “Organic” and the certification “Quality France” for the notation “Cider from Normandy.”

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