Veneto Wine Region: Venice’s region is Italy’s leader in the production and commerce of classified wine. Throughout the region the recent emphasizes on white wines and is ideally suited for the Pinot Grigio grape, where the particular composition of the hilly soil, the exposition to sun, the frequent rains, and the constantly mild temperature between April and October combine to provide the best conditions.

The earliest documentation of a “Chianti wine” dates back to the 13th century when viticulture was known to flourish in the “Chianti Mountains” around Florence. Today, the Chianti region covers a vast area of Tuscany and includes within its boundaries several overlapping Denominazione di Origine Controllata (DOC) and Denominazione di Origine Controllatae Garantita (DOCG) regions. In the late 20th century, the region experienced a renaissance with producers using selective Sangiovese clones, new viticultural practices and more “modern” cellar techniques.

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