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The Lolol Valley: A hidden Gem for Wine 
The Lolol Valley, located in the Colchagua province of Chile, is a relatively unknown wine-producing region that has been gaining recognition in recent years. This quiet and secluded valley is home to some of the most unique and high-quality wines, thanks to its exceptional terroir and climate.

Selecting the Lolol Valley was a wise decision, owing to its favorable weather conditions and the distinctive granite schist soil. This lesser-known area within the esteemed Colchagua Valley offered an ideal setting for adopting biodynamic winemaking practices and producing exceptional wines. The estate is situated in a valley that runs east to west, welcoming cool breezes from the Pacific Ocean. The significant temperature variation between the ocean and the land generates a white mist, known as “Humo Blanco,” which elegantly envelops our vines each morning. This mist serves as a natural marker of our vineyard’s boundaries.