Like winemaking we believe in letting our fruit ‘do the talking’ and the careful selection of traditional varieties of fruit is key to producing an exceptional cider and Perry with delicate and aromatic flavors. Over the years we have become experts in understanding how the different varieties of traditional cider apples and Perry pears that we grow play a critical role in creating a delicious and refreshing award winning ciders and Perry. Sometimes it is possible for us to use up to 20 different fruit varieties in our cider and Perry making to achieve the distinctive flavors we have become renowned for.
All our ciders and Perry are hand blended with freshly harvested whole pressed organic apples and Perry pears and matured for over 12 months to deliver the famous Dunkertons ‘deep flavor’. The result is a range of award winning organic ciders made with over 90% juice, naturally gluten free and suitable for vegans.

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