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Winesellers, Ltd. Heinz Eifel Eiswein 2016 Lands in the U.S.

A Unique Harvest Season Yields Successful Vintage for German Winemakers
Illinois-based Winesellers, Ltd. debuts Heinz Eifel Eiswein 2016 this month from the Römerhof Winery in Mosel, Germany. Distinct weather extremes during the growing season yielded a unique vintage that will be available through the Winesellers wholesaler network this summer.
Heinz Eifel Eiswein 2016 benefitted from a slow harvest with cold nights in November, allowing the mature grapes on the vine to freeze overnight. The frozen grapes are then pressed before they thaw, yielding the sweetest juice from the fruit due to its low freezing point.
In 2016 we were lucky to have healthy grapes that remained on the vine until the weather was cold enough to freeze, said winemaker Anne Eifel. Weather can make or break a crop, and a unique 2016 harvest with favorable conditions late in the growing season created a very pleasant Eiswein.
The Eiswein is highly concentrated with intense aromas of honey, apricots, yellow apple and passion fruit. The wine has a perfect balance between acidity and natural residual sugar and can be aged for many years or opened now to pair with fruit desserts or as dessert on its own.
It's rare for us to have quantities of Eiswein available, and we're eager to share Heinz Eifel's 2016 vintage, said Adam Sager, Vice President of Winesellers, Ltd. Heinz Eifel wines are produced in the heart of Mosel where the family's roots in winemaking span centuries, and we are proud to bring the wines to the U.S.
Heinz Eifel Eiswein 2016 has an SRP of $32. For more information, please visit www.winesellersltd.com
Later in the year, Winesellers, Ltd. will bring in a second 2016 Eiswein produced by Dr. Pauly Bergweiler, a winery based in Bernkastel, Germany. The 2016 Dr. Pauly Noble House Riesling will retail for $30.00

Founded in 1978 by Yale Sager, Winesellers, Ltd. is a second generation, family-owned and globally recognized importer and marketer of fine wines to the U.S. market. The company’s portfolio represents the finest quality of wines in their respective price category and has widespread distribution in all 50 U.S. states. The Winesellers, Ltd. portfolio includes producers and brands from Argentina, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy, New Zealand and other countries worldwide.


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