Quinta de la Rosa 30 Year Tawny Port NV


All our ports are made in the ‘house style’namely slightly drier without any cloyingsweetness that can be associated with someother ports. We also work hard making sure thebrandy is well integrated. As with our wines, wesearch for harmony and equilibrium from ourvineyards and we try to enable the grapes toexpress themselves in the bottle. The La Rosastyle is to make well defined wines without toomuch extraction and tannin. This 30 year old hasa beautiful amber colour showing its age well.The long, slow maturation in old wooden pipes(550L barrels) has given this magnificent wineenormous elegance and complexity. On thenose, slightly dried fruit aromas with touches ofbalsamic vinegar, coffee and exotic wood arejust some of its components. On the palate, it issimply delicious, almost light but with incredibleintensity of flavour, soft, mouth filling with greatpersistence.

UPC/EIN Code: 5 604846 104387
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