The Dunkerton Cider Mill is set in the ancient parish of Pembridge, an area of farmland, woods and hedgerows, where medieval half timbered villages meet the stone market towns of Wales. Dunkertons history reaches back to 1980 when Ivor and Susie Dunkerton made the decision to escape London and buy a small holding in Herefordshire. The unique blending method uses traditional varieties of organic cider apples and pears grown on estate owned orchards. Only the finest tasting traditional varieties of certified organic apples and pears are sourced. It is this careful selection of fruit that gives our drinks the delicate and aromatic characteristics required to be award winning.

DRY CIDER [ORGANIC]: An offering of a drier, crisper blended cider for the connoisseur, or more adventurous enthusiast. Pours a red hued gold with a slight haze. Moderately strong aromas of toffee and hints of farmhouse/blue cheese character to ground it. Flavors bring tannins from the bittersweets to the fore with freshly picked apples, honey, and wisps of smoke playing strong support. Full bodied with a carbonation that makes a strong first impression before finishing with a sharp dryness.

BLACK FOX CIDER [ORGANIC]: From the earliest times, rural communities have told stories of fantastic and un-usual creatures which have supposedly lived in their locality. The lush rolling countryside of North West Herefordshire is no exception. Here, stories tell of an animal which has evaded capture by farmer and huntsman alike; a Black Fox. It is robust cider with a fragrant nose and mouth full of lively sweet and sour flavors of green apples, honeycomb and fresh lemon.

PERRY [ORGANIC]: A delicious sparkling Perry made from organically grown Perry pears. Though relatively uncommon, the trees are easily identified in Herefordshire’s orchard landscape by their great height and cascading white blossoms; some are over 300 years old. It pours golden and slightly hazy with very gentle bubbles. The nose has over-ripe pear evanescence. A creamy mouthfeel with a good balance between initial sweetness and the dryness of the finish.

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