PAZO TORRADO   Rias Baixas  -  SPAIN

Pazo Torrado is made by Terra de Asorei, which is an association of eight top growers who have banded together to produce the wine “Pazo Torrado”. With their 173 acres of prime Albariño vineyards and combined experience and technological abilities, they are considered a force in the Galician wine industry.

About Pazo Torrado: ”Pazo” is a name for a “manor house” in Galician. Pazo Torrado is a traditional manor house in the region. It was constructed in the second half of the 18th century, converted into the Galician “Museum of the Wine Routes”, still maintains the components integrated in construction at its origin, such as the garden, the dovecote, the barn, the “patín” (exterior stairway) and the former “lareira” (traditional Galician kitchen).