The Karp-Schreiber estate has been family-owned since 1664, and is today owned and managed by “JJ”Jobst-Julius Karp since the recent retirement of his father Alwin. “JJ” had completed viticultural studies and experienceabroad, and soon developed a passion to produce fine wines, having taken a responsible position at the estate sincethe 2008 harvest. Riesling is cultivated on 15 acres of slate terroir, mostly steeply sloping, and including the “grand cru”Juffer-Sonnenuhr, the best part of the Juffer slope beneath the rock-face with its sundial (“Sonnenuhr”). Manual laboris the only alternative on that hillside, with selective hand-harvesting . THE KARPS maintain a very high benchmark quality, and the wines are very expressive, mineral-driven, concentrated,with a crisp structure and fine fruit. A high percentage of the production is bottled dry, whereby the Auslesewines are harvested at Beerenauslese ripeness. The new label with a slate-colored background depicts a carp fish(German for Karp) and a quill (German for Schreiber).

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