The Castilla region in Spain refers to “Land of Castles,” the original kingdom that unified neighboring crowns which then expanded to become modern day Spain. The Duero River runs through this area as it makes its way to the Atlantic Ocean. Situated along this great river are the famous wine growing D.O appellations of Rueda, Toro, & Ribera del Duero. Dominos de Castilla is a collection of premium estate wines from single domains within this region.

D.O. Rueda stands 2,200 to 2,600 feet above sea-level and is located in the central area of the basin formed by the river Duero. The different grape varieties frown are irregularly scattered over the several municipal districts comprising Rueda Appelation but is known primarily for its fine white wines based on the Verdejo grape. There is only one D.O. in the region of Rueda which is "Rueda D.O.".

D.O. Toro is situated west of the Spanish Duero river valley near the Portuguese border. Toro appelation covers approximately 5,600 ha of vineyards at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level. At the end of the 19th century great quantities of wines were exposed to France during the phylloxera crisis, which did not affect the local vines as they were protected by the sandy soil. For this reason, the vines of other regions of Spain were replaced by vines from Toro. Today, Toro still has a number of very old vineyards with pre-phyloxera Tinta de Toro.

D.O. Ribera de Duero is one of Spain's most important wine regions, and is internationally recognized for producing high quality red wines mainly from the Tempranillo variety. The region is situated on Spain's northern high plateau and is divided by the Duero River. The combination of very hot and dry summers are balanced by cool nights and consistent water supply from the river. The resulting wines are deeply colored, structured and age-worthy having complex aromas and flavors.