Finding terroir beginning with the concept that it is possible to create world-class wines within regions of great quality, potential brothers Jacques and François Lurton began several projects — first in France, then Argentina, Chile, Spain, and Portugal. Thirty years ago after extensive research, they founded Hacienda Araucano, just outside the small historic village of Lolol in the Lolol Valley. This untouched subregion of the famous Colchagua Valley was perfect for implementing biodynamic winemaking methods and making remarkable wine.

Biodynamic & Environmentally-friendly: Biodynamic agriculture was first proposed by the Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner in a series of lectures for farmers in 1924. This farming system aims to avoid depleting the soil, thereby enabling sustainable agriculture. The Lolol vineyard is the pilot site for the implementation of organic farming techniques that will be transplanted to our other vineyards in the world. The climate is naturally conducive to the application of these techniques since relatively few diseases are encountered in Chile. For example, there is no downy mildew problem, which is the bane of most winegrowers. Also thanks to the climate, there is no phylloxera and vines can be planted directly, without being grafted.

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